Shrewsbury Prison

The birth of Shrewsbury Prison

Built in 1791 and serving as the Shropshire county's prison until its closure In 2013. 

Spotting a unique opportunity and concerned that the history of this fantastic buildings would be lost or developed into modern housing, Joel Campbell, (founder of The Campbell Group), made a bid to develop Shrewsbury Prison into a world class heritage attraction.

Taking over Shrewsbury Prison in 2015 and beginning the journey of developing it into a world class tourist attraction, it's now considered the world’s most interactive prison tourism company. Offering visitors an authentic Georgian, Victorian and modern-day prison experience, led by ex-prison officers with a wealth of experience and time ‘served’.


Shrewsbury Prison offers a wide range of tours, events, activities, team building days and private hire opportunities. The offering is a completely unique experience, encouraging, educating and enthusing visitors to come back time and time again.

Shrewsbury Prison Purpose

Preserving, protecting and promoting the history and heritage of Shrewsbury Prison, by shining a light on prison life from the Georgian era to the modern day. Visitors are given a unique and immersive prison experience combined with first class customer service. We have created a World-renowned tourism experience that inspires people, educating, engaging and encouraging visitors through a journey behind bars.

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