Jailhouse Tours

The birth of Jailhouse Tours

Jailhouse Tours began as the brand under which Shrewsbury Prison was operated, it later grew to include Shepton Mallet prison and Gloucester Prison, all encompassed under one single brand.

As Shrewsbury Prison and Shepton Mallet Prison grew in popularity it became clear the brands would need to become location based and stand out on their own. This brought the team within The Campbell Group to re-brand both prisons and move away from Jailhouse Tours.

Not wanting to give up such a strong brand and after the love that had gone into building Jailhouse Tours, Joel Campbell re-invented it to become a resource and information source for prison related news across the globe. 


Jailhouse Tours now operates social media pages, websites & blogs bringing daily updates of whats happening throughout prisons worldwide, shining a light on the custodial systems and those inside them. 

Jailhouse Tours Prison Purpose

Providing news & research about prisons in the UK and world-wide. It aims to preserve our social history and share the compelling stories that come from jails around the world.

Dark tourism is a growing area of interest encapsulating 9/11, Chernobyl and Auschwitz, creating a global fascination for the ‘unusual’ and ‘macabre’. 

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